So as you all know,am a huge lover of B/W, i did a post on the Little Black Dress a few weeks ago and i got a request to do one on my favorite Little White Dress because it is surely the new LBD. I love white dresses because they are airy, super feminine and so versatile. It is super chic as well and flatters all body types, including us Dcups 🙂 I love the lace, chiffon and plaster dresses because they are so cute and can go from evening to sunny days. Add a fedora hat, sandals and a jean vest for a summer feel or go extra sexy with a solid or printed heels, a cropped jacket and statement jewellery for a night out. Since we are getting into the holidays, a winter white dress can go well with a bright envelope bag, cute pumps and bright jewellery can do the trick from simple to cocktail look. The key is contrasting the color of accessories. Like the LBD, the white dress is all year seasonal and can’t go out of style so experiment with different accessories and just have fun.

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