Whats Your Jam?

Well berry lips are the sexiest makeup this year as we have seen some hot stars rocking them. From Khloe Kardashian to Kat Graham and all in between. But that doesn’t mean you should slap on the first tube of black berry lipstick you find. Firstly, you have to pick your jam from raspberry, black berry to boysenberry but it all depends on your skin tone. If you have fair skin, choose something that’s dark but sheer which will keep you from looking like a character out of a Tim Burton film. Medium skin tones can get away with a richer, truer berry and those with dark skin should choose a deep color that won’t blend in with their skin. If you have thin lips, a dark lipstick could make them appear even smaller. So start with a sheer stain and use a lip pencil to fill out the lip ever so slightly but just don’t over do it. I used MAC Pro LongWear Lipcreme Berry for my lips.

Unless you want to look gothic, the key to wearing a berry lip is to keep the rest of the face fresh and glowing. Use a sheer foundation and concealer and skip powder entirely. Then apply a blush in a complementary shade. I used Revlon PhotoReady Milani foundation and Immaculate Complexion Concealer to give me a glowy look. For the eyes, a neutral eye shadow is key as it works well with plums and berry lips so think ivory, champagne, silver, taupe, ashy browns, charcoal, plum, etc. If your lipstick has red tones to it, gold and warm brown work great.

A darker lip can pale your complexion, so make sure to bring some radiance back into your face. Applying blush is a must. Pick a shade that compliments your lip and eye makeup. You might want to skip the neutral blush and go for something that will add a little color to your face, but keeping it natural so the attention will only be drawn to the lips. If your lipstick has a hint of red in it, or if it’s warm try a natural peach or bronze. I used a BareMinerals blush for my face to give it a rosy look.
Have fun with this look this weekend and rock it!


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