Geek Chic

When i think of flashbacks, i think of the brights, glasses and lots of print. Being geeky came from being unmentionable to unbeatable, as long as it is done right, without looking like a unfashionable class clown. You can be cute and sexy by embracing your inner geekyness. The very first rule of Geek Chic is some really cute reading glasses (without the lenses ofcourse if you are not in need of eyeglasses) The bigger and thicker the frame, the better. Add cropped and fitted pants with some prints, with suspenders, to a cute buttoned up collar shirt. Contrast collars are so cute and chic plus adding a cute bow tie or men’s tie gives an extra umph. Add a pair of Mary Janes or Oxfords to your pair of printed pants or even dress. I love the look with shorts, as well. A cute striped cardigan or sweater with a slim belt adds a little sexy to your outfit. If you going for the skirt look, a pair of dotty or patterned knee high socks is very geek chic. For the hair, you can braid it or leave it out. Anything goes really. Have fun with the look.


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