Print the denim!

Who doesn’t love denim? I certainly adore and obsess over denim, so versatile and timeless; it should get a Hollywood Star of Fame on its own. So as years pass, more experiments are being done for denim from washouts to deconstructed pieces and my favorite for the season is Denim with African Print or Universal prints. I love this look because it can be both feminine and masculine.
Take your printed jeans out on the town with a nude camisole, tuxedo jacket, sparkly chandelier earrings, and some seriously sexy peep toe pumps for a sexy evening flare. If you’re looking to enhance the colors in the printed denim, try matching your accessories to it like the color of a bag or headband or even shoes. If you love mixed prints, you can pair the denim with polka dots or floral. For the guys, a beautifully cut jacket or pants can bring out the fashionista in you! But remember to just have fun with the look.


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