Vest Republic

Vests have been worn for so many decades and nothing screams casual simplicity and vintage like a vest. I just love the rocker edge they add to any outfit, be it fur to denim, it is just an addition to your closet you need. Pair your favorite jeans with a simple T-shirt and a cropped, fitted women’s vest. A white T-shirt lends a classic look, but any color looks great with a black vest. If you have a brown vest or one with pinstripes or a different pattern, pick a complementary shirt. Pink and brown look good mixed together as well. Toughen up the girly look by wearing a cropped black or brown vest with a loose, frilly blouse which easily adds definition to your waist. Add jeans or a fitted skirt and either heels or flats, depending on how casual you want to look. Go for a punk rock vibe by adding a leather vest that zips up (add texture to the punk vibe) to your skinny jeans and either ankle boots or 80s-inspired sneakers and you’re good to go. Cozy up with a warmer vest by layering up a thick sweater vest or faux-fur trimmed vest over a long-sleeved henley or T-shirt. Be sure to wear fitted jeans or pants, especially if the vest is puffy or oversized, so that you don’t look bigger than you are. For a classic, tailored look, wear a vest that matches either your pants or skirt. To avoid looking like you stepped out of a 1920s picnic, add a modern blouse and cute shoes and accessorize with unique, feminine jewelry. Dress up a sweater by adding a cropped vest in order to polish up a turtleneck or thin cashmere or cotton sweater and accessorize with pretty pearl or chandelier earrings to look more feminine. Have fun with the look.


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