The beginning

18365_296126981784_296123726784_350 I started this blog three years back on the warm Monday afternoon on my bed in my Campus room. I did not expect to get all these followers or comments or just views (and am ever so grateful) because to me,it was an expression of who I am and what i love to do. I always kept a diary, back in the day, and i named her my “Princess Book” People may call diaries a bit lame or blonde, but to me, i cherish daily memories and love looking back at how far my dreams have gone and to look at the insights of my heart as years pass on. So blogging,kind of, took up my diary but am sure my Princess Book won’t go complaining. She served her purpose but is one of my favorite reads in my library of memories.

So its October, just two months to 2014 and i can honestly say this year has been a roller-coaster ride for me. I sit on my bed, listening to my favorite music mix, looking through all my favorite albums (Yes! i love pictures and memoirs) and all i can do is smile at how far i have come from January. From saying goodbye to my friends returning to universities to throwing my hat on Graduation day to celebrating birthdays, births, marriages and life in general, to the tears of disappointments, trials and hardships. I can never take back any of it because it made this year ever more special for me.

I love reading inspirational quotes, some might say am a bit of an addict as i am always quoting, but i just love learning the take on life as seen by different eyes. I especially, love fashion, life, relationship, quotes as somehow they usually talk straight at me. It might sound a little silly, but when am in a crisis, i run to Google and search for quotes about a certain topic and weirdly, that soothes me. It might make me a nerd but i always find it nice to see my problems in a different perspective.

The one thing, this year has taught me, is “Always look at the brighter side of life in all situations because life is too short to be miserable” It might be a little hard to do but when i look at some of the things, a smile doesn’t only make you feel better, it shows there is still joy in every situation. So i might as well be a smiley child anytime than a serious boring person. I love fashion, as i said, and as you might have noticed, am not a particularly over the top soul but i know simplicity definitely brings charm in all circumstances, as well as life.

I also learned to focus on the things that bring me joy, however hard it might look to be. It might seem a little vain when i say, every one’s first love should always be themselves. No one can fully love others without having a passion to make themselves happy all the time. As Audrey said “Happy girls are the prettiest” so throw all negativity behind you and concentrate on your inner joy because with inner joy, nothing can tear you apart. You just need to focus every day with one sole purpose and that is to keep you inner smile alive and there two people who can do that – God and yourself. Let Him build you and mold you and always pray for a beam of light every day to take you through each storm.

So am very excited to see what the end of this year has in store for little ol’ me but i take it up with every positivity and excitement as ever before. I know my dream job is waiting and am eagerly awaiting but in the mean time, i can make my pay by doing what i love the most- making some one smile each day with my crazy posts. It is not almost the end of the year for me, but the beginning to more possibilities and bigger dreams.



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