Hold your Head high ;)

One of my BFFs inspired me with this hairstyle and i just had to blog about it.The high pony is a classic, simple hair style for every occasion. It just adds a flair of elegance to any outfit- be it evening wear to casual slacks. Here are steps to make the beautiful high pony;
1) Wash and dry your hair.
2) Brush out your hair, removing any tangles.
3) Bend forward, and flip your hair over your head. Brush it from your neck down.
4) Gather your hair into a ponytail. While you’re still bent over, gather your hair into a ponytail that sits high on your head. Try not to miss any strands.
5) Secure the ponytail with non-rubber hair elastics
6) Add a bump (optional). Push the ponytail upwards, making a bump, and pin it at the base of the ponytail with a bobby pin.
7) Set the style with hairspray. This will help keep fly-aways from falling out of the ponytail during the day.
8) Cover the elastics (optional). Here’s a few ways to hide the elastics holding up your ponytail:
– Take a strand of hair from the underneath side of the ponytail, and wrap it around the hair elastic. Pin down with a bobby pin.
-Tie one ribbon (or two or three) over the elastic for a “cheerleader” look. Make a cute bow on top.
9) Finished.
Enjoy this simple style and you can add your individual style as well.


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