It’s A Brand NEW Day!!

today-is-a-brand-new-dayI had such a fast paced week,last week. Everything was like a rush and an adventure. YES!I finally found my spontaneity and took the high road and haven’t looked back since! There is nothing as exciting as knowing you are taking a risk to find what makes you happy,especially with the people you love and care about!! As a middle week of July, i have come to realize that time is no one’s friend, it rushes by so fast and before you know it, a brand new day has come (taking after Celion Dion here)

So for the rest of my July, i have made a decision to treat each day as it comes. No more worries, stress and all things negative from now. Am going to embrace who i am, embrace my life,my flaws and all that comes with acceptance. I am taking each day as a brand new chapter of my life. Am taking the HIGH ROAD and it feels good. I know i will have a hard time with my new routine like my Yoga guru keeps saying but at the end of the forest walk,will come a bright ray of sunshine and i will know it has been worth it!! It is very hard for me to break routine because i am a typical control freak and as all addicts, at first,it is hard but after my week, spontaneous mini-me is loving life and all the joys that come with it! So am embracing my brand new day, everyday!


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