My Inspiration

For anyone who knows me, Cancer is a very touchy topic. As most people who have known a few people who have struggled with this disease, it is hard to think of it without shedding a tear but those people are my inspiration. Fighting for one’s life can’t be an easy thing and those are my heroes. Going through the death of my brother and friend last year was not easy, we cried, prayed, got annoyed and cursed but their last smiles will always be what i remember, not their struggle to breathe or the pain of chemotherapy. You would think that a year passing would take the pain away,it simply just makes you better at dealing with the pain. I miss you so much,my guardian angels, my soul mates,my friends. So today, i dedicate this post to anyone who is dealing with or knows someone dealing with the pain of one day losing their friends or family to this disease. It gets better.


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