Get Some Standards

We all have issues with something in our lives but today,i decided to take my friend’s advice and be spontaneous and honestly i loved what i saw in the reflection in my mirror staring right back at me. We all have days we think the best or worst of ourselves BUT today was one of those in-between days. One of my BEST books is “Act like a lady. Think like a man” and i just love the way Steve Harvey describes men’s attitude towards attitude and standards women willingly exhibit. Well am no expert but my opinion is what you give is what you will get. Simple but true. I keep telling my friends “I am many things but i get exactly what i want, at the time i want, especially with my standards for people” I am such a fan of the phrase “Don’t lower your standards for no one” because at the end of the day, its up to what makes you feel beautiful within. Don;t get me wrong, but of course there are some circumstances which can force one to change their standards. The people who love you for you, will always find a way to reach up to your standards (do’s and don’ts), no matter how high they are. The beauty of life is that when you surround your self with the right people for you and your standards in life, negativity will slowly vanish away from your life. Never change who you are for anyone. Stay true to yourself and your beauty will shine through.


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