Blessings in plenty

imagesWell i just passed a boy on the side walk,with nothing on his back and wounds bad enough to bring back the croissant i ate months back. Yes it is normal to see such sights but today is extra ordinary because the boy did not beg for a penny for himself but a little something for his baby sister on his back. Such an act of selflessness made me realize just how blessed I am every single day i breathe, talk, sleep and walk.
imagesLife has its own individual meaning according to everybody and its up to you and i to bring happiness and peace to that. We make life as we choose.. So today i chose happiness and contentment to be my meaning because we do not choose some circumstances that befall us sometimes, like these children. As the saying goes ‘ nothing lasts forever’ so we should always make the best of every experience, situation, challenge and opportunity that comes our way and do not forget to thank the Lord for every single blessing you get.


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