SMILE at the STORM:)

Sometimes we have only to believe that life, indeed, is better! It is not always as it seems! A single tear drop on the face does not really show sadness throughout life, it is just a fragment of a lesson learnt that life does not always go as planned. Well i have alwats learnt that life just opens doors to greatness and strength. Sometimes, our hearts can be burdened, but if we keep remembering that  ” What does not break you, only makes you stronger..” then it will not seem all that bad.

Things like courage, bravery, compassion are usually forgotten until all we have is them to get through certain situations. We also often feel like miracles are beyond our reach or are for the greatest faithful men but we tend to forget that God is for all of us if we believe in Him. He cares for all of us and protects us and gives us hope and joy even in times that are difficult. The tiniest whisper of a prayer with the smallest faith can surely move mountians. All we need is a glimpse of faith. So for 2013, my goal is to always have faith in God even when times are hard. HAPPY NEW YEAR.




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