“ScRiPt oF My LiFe!!”

i love movies… i love the feeling of being infront of a huge screen and going to a different World. To me, this is where all our imaginations are transformed into real life. This where i can be whoever i want to be and whenever. These are the roles i would love to play in a blockbuster someday

  1. A singer. i love singing in the shower and for some people so why would’nt i want to show off my little skill. For this, i would love to be Mary in the amazing “Sound of Music” Julie Andrews is amazing and extremely talented and i will give her tribute in my Oscar winning act someday. i want to be like Maryln Monroe in River of No Return.
  2. I want to be a leader full of courage and zeal and so much ambition to help others. For this role, I will want to imitate Al Pacino in The Godfather. in this i will show everyone what is to say something and it is done.
  3. Aww… i love art so artist i will be next. Drawing beautiful paintings like Salma Hayek in Frida is what i will do next to show case in my hidden talent to the world. Yes! i will be the next Pablo Picasso (the female version)
  4. I want to go out and fly in parachute, go all over the world saving lives from evil masterminds so Heroin i shall be next. i want to be the best Angelina Jolie character of Mrs. Smith  in “Mr and Mrs. Smith” and have the best leather boots money can buy and be able to make the baddest Yoko Geri kick ever seen on television.
  5. Fashion student i will be next so Anne Hathaway’s character in Devil wears Prada i will act after. i love magazines so this would be a good movie role for me. Well except having a mean boss and pushy workmates but Hey! we can’t have it all, right?
  6. I am constantly amazed by the law so guess being a lawyer would be next. I want to be like Jodie Foster in The Accused. I will be as confident, smart and assertive as she was.
  7. I want to travel to the future and come. Yes you heard me! i want to teleport myself so i can see how the world changes in the future and how we can influence it.  Leonardo DiCaprio would be my role model as his role in Inception.

So yes! we can be who we want to be in the movies, we just have to imagine more and be free with our minds to wonder! By the end of your trip, you will be just like Steven Spielberg. DREAMS DO COME TRUE!!

xoxoxoxo A.P.W




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