Results YIKES!!!

Oh yeah i mean exam results.. I will admit i can do as many papers as you can throw my way but the fact of getting the results back just frightens the heck out of me! So last week, i was sitting on my bed and i got a text on my phone saying results had come out! I had done my exams with so many ups and downs as you all know.. exams can be challenging in so many ways! So i spent most of my nights saying a silent prayer that the results would be in my favor.

I walked quickly to the Faculty but slowly in my heart because i was so scared to get them. I clenched my sweaty fists as i said i little prayer. The faculty had never seemed so far! “Surely the scare of results never gets old”, i thought to myself as i panted gasping with anxiety.


I took the right turn to the class block and as i reached the main entrance, i found a queue of students racing to the notice board. “Oh no! i did not want a crowd”, i complained to myself, “It is 10pm, don’t people sleep?” i continued. But as i climbed the stair way, i realized they were not going for my notice board and as i had a silent sigh, i walked to the board and searched for my number. “Please no red mark” , i said another silent prayer fearing to open my eyes.

As i searched and my heart pumped so hard, i finally saw them. Yippee! I shouted and i walked away with a proud and satisfied heart and smile! “Yes! until next time”, i told myself. I walked back to my bed a happy child. Thank you Lord! Graduation am almost there 🙂

xoxoxo A.P.W


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