I love shopping (who doesn’t anyway?) I love the thought of buying new things, new additions to my closet (not a big one i must add!) I love having all sorts of new things like jeans, blouses; accessories like necklaces, earrings even home decor. I just love getting new things.  BUT the down side to my ever growing addiciton is the thought of walking street from street looking for the perfect pair of jeans or that handbag I have wanted to add to my collection.

I won’t lie walking is nice because you end up seeing more than what you had anticipated to see and get but as i said, it can be tasking especially when you do not know where to get what you wanted. It is so annoying to when you walk in so many places and you do not get what you had in mind! Frustrating isn’t it!? and alot of time wastage too!

Well that is where our topic comes in- ONLINE SHOPPING! According to the internet, this is an electronic commerce where customers directly buy goods  from sellers over the internet wothout going through intermediary services. It is so convenient and time saving as you all you need is a good internet connection, a good website and a comfortable place to work from!

My favorite online shopping sites are chanel, baby phat, DASH, ShoeDazzle and so many more. All you have to know is your sizes for shoes and clothing, postal code and the credit card number to do transactions. I must admit wohever came up with this helped so many of us shopping addicts!! Uganda should have more of these portals for us to enjoy as it would make the expense of waiting  for the things to be shipped here and spend less money as well!!

I love shopping sales as well (who doesn’t?) and what makes these online shopping sites so much cooler are the constant sales thay offer for shoppers. Chanel usually has end of season sales with 50% discounts like so many other sites. What makes it so much more fun is the fact that you get items you would get a high price at the original prices of the designers!

So online shopping, in my opinion, is easy, convenient and pocket friendly. So i would encourage all my shopping addicts to try it. Am sure you will find it useful!

xoxoxo A.P.W


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