So this week was your favorite day in February (well for those who aint Feb babies) Valentines’ day!! February has been long known as the month of LOVE!! This came from the sacrifice Saint Valentine did for the soldiers on ancient Rome where Claudius II had banned marriage for them. He held secret marriage ceremonies for these soldiers because, unlike the emperor, he believed in love for all people!! So through this, the day for lovers came to become reality..

Well i believe in love, fairy tales (yes those!!) and also in gift giving.. I love giving gifts and not because of the fact that people will give them to me but the look on their faces when i give them gifts!! I love gifts too so the thought of Valentines’ day just brings gifts to mind!! roses, chocolate, perfume, teddy bears and everything lovie-dovie!

I believe in love because as one of my favorite poets, William Shakespeare said “If music be love, play on”  and “Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind, And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind” Yes! love is powerful and beautiful at the same time and it is wonderful when you get some one you love to love you back at the same time!!

I believe in fairy tales.. Life might not be one but there is no rule that stops anyone to live their own fairy tale.. I believe in fairy tales because when life seems unfair and miserable, i turn the other cheek and becomes wonderful again!! I use the story of Saint Valentine for this because even when there was no hope for the soldiers to be with the ones they loved and adored, life made a way for them through Valentine!! Now that is my fairy tale (Snow White and Cinderella indeed!!)

Have a wonderful Valentine and make sure to show the ones you love as well!!

xoxoxo A.P.W


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