Happy New Year everybody!!!Another year y’all!!!WOOOHOOO!! I can not believe it is been a month since we saw the magical fireworks on the 1st… Time does rush, doesn’t it? 2011 had so much for us from fashion trends, new Apple technology and so much…2011 had it all!!! some stuff seemed like they were from a Rambo movie (yes we watched those too) 2011 came and went like a bush fire. Some of us did what we wanted to do, some tried, some failed but that is the beauty of a new year. It is like Heaven’s way of helping us start afresh from the previous year!!

Well personally am pretty excited for what 2012 has in store for me!! the thing about a new year is uncertainity. We can’t know how the year will go; will it go our way or not? that is the big question!! Then comes the resolutions (YIKES!!), i have tried these and am sucha slacker for these!! I mean keeping them is like running a 100 miles marathon; i start with so much energy and zeal but half way, i just want to run back or stop any moving vehicle for help!! I always start the year with my little princess book and neatly written and bulletted resolution but as April reaches, i forget where on earth i kept the book and slowly, i give up on trying all together. But no..2012 has to be different for all of us, whether getting that dream job, starting that business, going on that well deserved vacation or just being happy, this year has to be different.

No more crying over spilled milk, this year is for all of us!! Let us get up, wipe those burdens away and  stand tall!! We got to rock this year. Good luck y’all!!

xoxoxo A.P.W


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