Life is so funny. In fact, most of us go through life without noticing how interesting it is. Take for example, we are born..raised..taken to school and the most ironic part of all this is that most of us do not have a choice about some decisions made in our lives. We love our parents so much that when we are young, they are our heroes. The funny bit of it is that before they become parents, their lives were so different. they probably did not even like school or work that much, they did it for the sake of having a few dollars at the end of the month. Then here we come and their doing-it-for-the-sake becomes mandatory because they want to provide for us all that they can.Life is funny that way, believe me. We walk through the streets of our lives and some times we can’t believe or understand the things we did at some point but we hit a round-about and we turn around and start again. That is the beauty of life! No one can define who you are or were but you. Life is not measured by the happiness or joy we experience but by the hurdles we skip when we meet an obstacle. Life is truly funny!!

xoxoxo A.P.W


4 thoughts on “LIFE

  1. this z actually true…i have never rili thought about what my parents did before they were parents… Ts lyk in my mind they were born that way!!! And 2 think 1 day that will be me!!!

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