Beauty indeed can be put in a box.. my box of tricks for 2012 include beauty and brains section. My very 1st beauty trick is plenty of rest..Yes abit of television, soaking the feet, going to the salon, doing the nails and the other little things we, girls love to do in our spare time!!

My 2nd trick is lots of water and fluids in my body..Yeah lots of mineral water bottles in my bag (make that a sizeable number of bottles ) Am sure Doctor Phil will support me on saying that  plenty of water takes away lots of toxins and therefore diseases.. 2012 should be a healthy year for all of us!!

My 3rd trick and most favorite is exercise (yes!even the sweaty type) like jumping the rope, running (jogging for me) and Lord knows what else…My trick for boosting my brain and thinking capability is reading lots of books, writing and doing alot of training in focus and memorising!!Over all, 2012 is the start of doing things to boost myself, ourselves so with God’s help, we will do everything we put our minds to!!



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